EQ-Reverse Link


Enjoy wireless freedom using ANY conventional aviation headset

Introducing the EQ-Reverse/Link system.   Learn More »

EQ-1 Wireless Aviation Headset


All of the performance, None of the wires

The EQ-Link module plugs into standard general aviation inputs on the aircraft's audio panel and provides a 2.4 Ghz frequency hopping link (not Bluetooth) to the EQ-1 ANR Headset.   Learn More »

EQ-1 Link System


Free yourself from your panel

EQ-1 is the first comletely full duplex, pilot/passenger communication system with wireless VHF radio transmission capability.   Learn More »

"Best of all, was the freedom of movement while conducting high G maneuvers ... light weight and no cords ... it felt like I was doing aerobatics with just a cap on!"

—Matt Hall, Red Bull Air Race Pilot   Read More »

Welcome to Wireless

EQ-1 offers wireless freedom in the aviation cockpit. The EQ-Link provides a 2.4 GHz radio frequency hopping link (much more reliable than Bluetooth) to the EQ-1 ANR Headset. Now you can enjoy all of the features of a premium ANR headset with none of the wires! Plug and Play Operation. No installation required

Over 20 years of experience designing systems for both business and military situations and countless hours of design have resulted in the EQ-Link Wireless Headset

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EQ-1 Wireless HeadsetThe EQ-1 story

The first test flight of the new EQ-1 wireless communication system was carried out successfully on 20th July 2008. This flight, to the best of our knowledge, is the first completely wireless, full duplex ANR pilot-passenger communication including VHF radio transmission in flight, in aviation history.

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