EQ-1 Series 3 Wireless Aviation Headset


NEW! EQ-1 Series 3 headset now available

EQ-1 Series 3 can be customized to meet your communications requirements.   Learn More »

EQ-1 Series 3 Wireless Aviation Headset


EQ-1 Series 3 Expanded Wireless Freedom

Multiple headset pairing on a single Link module.   Learn More »

"Best of all, was the freedom of movement while conducting high G maneuvers ... light weight and no cords ... it felt like I was doing aerobatics with just a cap on!"

—Matt Hall, Red Bull Air Race Pilot   Read More »

New EQ-1 Series 3 offers expanded freedom in the aviation cabin.

The EQ-1 Series 3 headset is a significant breakthrough in wireless headset communications. It's the only fully digital wireless headset system on the market. Originally developed for military use, EQ wireless technology uses a proven 2.4 Ghz "frequency hopping" radio frequency link  to insure crystal clear, interference free and reliable communications. EQ's exclusive microphone noise reduction offers the quietest voice audio of any headset. Digital Noise Reduction offers superior noise reduction in the harshest noise environments.


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EQ-1 Wireless HeadsetThe EQ-1 story

Over 30 years of engineering and deign experience for business and miltary use has resulted in "EQ technology" Interference free, reliable communications combined with digital noise reduction for both transmitted and received audio. EQ-Wireless offers features and functionality that can't be duplicated in ANY wireless aviation headset platform!

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